Appeal Management

Safety21 has launched an innovative project to provide police forces a specific service on the handling of complaints through a support service in the automatic preparation of legal briefs to oppose in court.

Through an innovative Knowledge Management System (EXS2®), integrated with TITAN®, the service allows the acquisition and archiving in platform of all the appeals by offenders, the development of counterclaims relating to the object of the appeal that the Body will develop in finally, and the acquisition and storage of the final outcome.

With its historicizing system of data acquired by the processing of appeals, the Knowledge Management system enables continuous improvement of the quality of the counter-proposed drafts, both in general and for individual customers, resulting in improved efficiency of times processing.

The drafts of the counterarguments are then reviewed by the head of Local Police and subsequently submitted to the Judges or the competent Prefectures.

  • Improve efficiency in the performance of work processes
  • Increase productivity and reduction of the times of working practices
  • Decreased of operating costs
  • Decrease in legal fees

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