Collection Management

The proposed service supports the Administrations in the management collection of credits related to the violation of the Code of Read, helping them to create and manage databases of tax positions for any recovery by coercive tax injunction. It also provides support for the evaluation of the capital framework of debtors, choosing the most appropriate procedure for each individual case, thus ensuring high success rates in credit recovery.

Process efficiency

  • The model used, requires prior assessment of the debtor, and allows to reach in a fast and inexpensive way the collection of credit.

Efficacy of collection activity

  • The prior determination of the mode of activation of the coercive collection, enables a high efficiency of the process itself and avoids unnecessary activities, thanks also to the management of a black list of the propertyless.

Documentation quality control

  • All documents are validated by lawyer’s staff of the Operations Center, which monitor and ensure the consistency of the material produced by the current legislation.

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