Celeritas is the exclusive Italian approved digital system, particularly suitable for the control of main and secondary extra-urban road sections, in automatic mode without immediate objection. The solution proposed for the medium speed control consists of one or more pairs of detection peripheral stations (portals) adapted to identify breaches. The TITAN© platform receives data and images relating to the infringements found by a plurality of detection stations, and offers modular services that enable the Public Authority the complete management of a sanctions process (from ascertainment up to the technological support for the collection).

At the passage of vehicle the laser sensors activate the cameras placed on the portals.
The first sensor detects the car category and activates the cameras filming the license plate, the time and date of passage, while the other detects the vehicle and activates the cameras filming the license plate and record the time of passage under the portal.

Celeritas is an exclusive system for the maximum detection of average speed

Celeritas consente:

Simultaneus independent detections: the system distinguishes single lanes and detects speed violations even in different directions of travel

Acquisition of violation images that show date, time and indication of the path, that clearly prove the infringement

Data verification associated with vehicle’s digitized images that has committed an infringement

Immediate sending of the frames to the central server

Guarantee transparency: the system already considers the tolerance of 5% as required by the Highway Code

Respect for Privacy: only detection of infringements are transmitted to the central server and Sensitive data are handled exclusively by the Local Police

Il Sistema ha le seguenti Caratteristiche

Fully automated: it works automatically 24 hours 24 without requiring the presence of officer on site.

Simultaneous and independent detections: thanks to the innovative and unique patented technology at the international level, the system distinguishes single lanes and detects speed violations even in different directions of operation producing its single documentation.

Integrated with TITAN®: it allows agents to immediately acquire from platform only the images of the offending vehicles to allow verification of all the circumstances that can confirm or rule violation.

Minimal environmental impact: the system requires no special infrastructure for installation.

Reliable in all weathers: it has a shooting system in low light conditions and / or with high temperatures.

Citizens Portal: support for citizens with forms and visual documents relating to the received sanction. Within the portal it is also indicated placements and calibration of the devices.

Certified and safe: the devices are calibrated annually by accredited body under current regulations.

Approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on the basis of art. 201 Decree of 30 April 1992, it does not require the presence of the police authorities for the assessment and immediate context of the violation.

Completamente integrato con la piattaforma TITAN®