TITAN ® is the proprietary leading technological platform through which Safety21 provides scalable outsourcing services to Public Body in terms of road safety, sanctioning and collection support.

TITAN ® is able to manage the whole cycle of sanctioning infringements of the Highway Code, it is accessible via web and compatible with different systems Certified by the Ministry of Transport, in accordance with current law.

Platform features

  • High level of efficiency of the entire ticketing and disciplinary cycle;
  • Compatible with the tools already in use by the relevant public bodies;
  • No investment needed;
  • Innovative SaaS Technology;
  • Services offered on pay-per-use mode;
  • Certification of the investigation/verification phase via digital signature of the officer;


Con TITAN® l’Agente validatore, riconosciuto attraverso una chiave fisica nominativa contenente la firma digitale, può accedere al sistema ed eseguire in rete tutte le operazioni di accertamento delle infrazioni.

All data on the violations remain on Safety21's "Cloud" (ISO 27001 and ISO 27018) for the entire period of judicial validity; a simple web interface allows authorised users (officers and offenders) to view the results of the digitally signed tickets.

How the Platform works

Integrated Device Management

Average speed validations management

Instant speed validations management

Traffic light validations management

ZTL validations management

Steps statistics management

Statistical summaries management

Advanced reporting tool

Web Portal to Citizen

<p>Integrated Device Management</p>
<p>Average speed validations management</p>
<p>Instant speed validations management</p>
<p>Traffic light validations management</p>
<p>ZTL validations management</p>
<p>Steps statistics management</p>
<p>Statistical summaries management</p>
<p>Advanced reporting tool</p>
<p>Web Portal to Citizen</p>

Through the platform it is possible to activate and deactivate all detection devices and to program their use. TITAN®
certifies each step every time each task is started or completed,
the system produces a pdf validated certificate with a digital signature.

Simple and intuitive interface for validation of infringements. The screen automatically presents images of the infringement, license plate and vehicle
classification so that for the validator Agent is easy to confirm or correct the information contained..

TITAN® is able to develop statistics on the detections carried out by each device, on a time basis (daily, weekly,
monthly or yearly) and with percentages of detections and validations.

With TITAN ® you can automatically report all services provided in the month and generate a
summary document to be shared with the customer, who can easily verify,
approve and authorize it directly from the platform, simplifying the authorization procedures.

Multilingual web portal to support citizens, Italians and foreigners, where download
your fine, find answers to frequently asked questions, check the positioning of the devices,
have access to current regulations and forms for communications


Value of the solution

  • One single platform to manage entire cycle of sanctions relating to infringements of the rules of the road.
  • No investment needed by the Authority
  • Compatible with the tools already in use by the relevant public bodies
  • Management of multiple simultaneous detection of connected devices
  • Simultaneous management of detection, investigation and data Storage
  • Improvement of Agents performance
  • Semplified Administrative management of legal appeals using a patented form of artificial intelligence


  • Centralized Structure: greater efficiency in all back-office processes and constant updating of individual profiles
  • Reduction of "human error" transcription
  • Strong management and monitoring tool for executives and managers of the agents
  • Simplification and reduction of legal appeals due to strong documentary evidence (photos and video)
  • Integration with MCTC database of insured and overhauled vehicles
  • Activation and deactivation, planning and scheduling of all devices
  • Multilingual Portal to citizen
  • Time-based Statistics

Information and technology security

  • Hosted in a certified ISO 27001 and 27018 Data Center
  • High safety system accessible only through physical cryptographic key (Token) and following Login;
  • Permissions management fully compatible with the systems of the Bodies;
  • Historicization of all violations: impossibility of fraud for the Administration by unfaithful employees;
  • The determination units occur in protected mode through encrypted SSL communication
  • Use of encryption system (https) to prevent interception of data between the terminal and the central server;
  • Microsoft's latest generation of SaaS technology.


Download TITAN® platform flyer