S@feTrack is Safety21’s proprietary platform for the management of information on car accidents. The platform is designed to provide the Police a versatile tool for accident report, in electronic format on Android tablet.
Integrated with TITAN ®, S@feTrack allows the creation of an accident files in PDF format and their distribution through a portal with access restricted to insurance companies, leading victims and third parties involved.

With this information it will be possible to attend by improving the signs, installing speed detection devices and putting in place all those targeted measures to reduce the risks arising from circulation.

S@feTrack is the platform for the census of car crashes.

S@feTrack consente:

Competent authorities to collect in a precise and intuitive way all useful details on dynamic, context and characteristics of each road accident

Through integration with TITAN ® platform, to create statistics that can improve traffic management and road safety within the competence of single administration, for example by identifying the most dangerous sections of road, namely those in which statistically occur the highest number of accidents

Il Sistema ha le seguenti Caratteristiche

Intuitive software for the detection of road accidents and drafting of accident reports.

Collecting accident data and automatic creation of the report in pdf format.

Creating statistical database for the improvement of road safety and traffic management.

Portal with restricted access for data on vehicles, drivers, passengers, witnesses and insured parties.

Completamente integrato con la piattaforma TITAN®


Download the Flyer and the S@feTrack design tool