Velox is an Italian approved system for the detection of exceeding the speed limits in automatic mode through the use of a laser sensor, with low infrastructural impact and non-invasive. For installation on roads with different limit for different types of vehicles, a special laser sensors is used for vehicular classification (without the necessity of works for the installation of sensors in the roadway).
The system has a very high accuracy in detecting the speed (certified by TUV Rehinland): about ± 2 km / h for speeds up to 150 km / h of approximately ± 3 km / h for speeds between 150 km / h 265 km / h.

Independent detection of different lanes
Each system allows the detection of excessive speed out of a total 4 lanes independently of one another. Violations are detected simultaneously, and the system is able to distinguish the individual lanes detecting where the speed excesses. In extreme case, even four vehicles in simultaneously violation, both in the same direction of travel or with different directions, can be detected and related to each photogram documentation describing its own speed as well as an indication of the lane where the offense occurred and to which the image relates. Velox has obtained the approval from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The approval decrees can be downloaded directly at the link below.

Velox is an exceeding speed limit detection system.

Velox consente:

Detection of infringements of single vehicles with their speed and classifications through non-invasive laser sensors

Acquisition of vehicle images by date, time and indication of the path that clearly document the infringement.

Check associated data through the use of scanned images of the vehicle

Immediate dispatch of frames and statistical data to TITAN® platform

Respect for Privacy: only infringement images for speeding are retained

Transparency: the system already considers the tolerance of 5% as required by the rules of the road

Respect of Legality: Velox is an excellent tool for the respect of speed and road safety

Il Sistema ha le seguenti Caratteristiche

Fully digital: trough an online connection allows TITAN ® platform toacquire directly the infringement evidence.

Very high accuracy in speed detection: certified by TUV Rehinland.

Shooting simultaneously up to 4 lanes: the system distinguishes single lanes and detects speed violations even in different directions of operation producing single documentation.

Extensive fotographic documentation: a slide show resumes the infringement dynamic,reporting both previous and subsequent events, bringing the evidence on the public portal to protect the offender fined.

Minimal environmental impact: the sensors wich detect the transits are passive, not subject to maintenance and the devices are free of flash.

Ability to operate in any environment, even at night and in the absence of flash.

Certified and safe: the devices are annually calibrated by accredited Body under current regulations.

Approval of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on the basis of the DL all'art.201 of 30 April 1992, by which does not require the presence of the police authorities to ascertain and immediately the violation.

Completamente integrato con la piattaforma TITAN®