Scout Speed

Scout Speed is the new in-car system device approved by the Ministry of Transport and certified by METAS OIML R91 for detecting the instantaneous speed of the vehicles, designed to be installed on board of police cars.
Its unique characteristics provide for the use both moving and stationary.

Scout Speed is a mobile device for speed detecting.

Scout Speed consente:

Detection of speed in motion, up to three lanes.

Operativity with any lighting condition.

Operatiion in motion without obligation of warning signs.

Thanks to the automatic reading of license plate and comparison with existing databases, allows expanding Patrol performance through the integration of several functions: ascertainment; parking violation; double row; verification of administrative titles of vehicles.

Il Sistema ha le seguenti Caratteristiche

Radar detection technology for travel’s direction of vehicle.

Excellent accuracy in the speed measurement, for each type of vehicle.

Detection speeds up to 270 km / h to 360 ° ㅡ on all sides of patrol vehicle.

It works in all weather conditions, even in the dark.

Illuminator invisible to the human eye, built with saving view technology.

Automatic recognition of license plates; touchscreen user interface.

Geolocation shown on every frame of the movie / infringement photo.

Storage memory for 10,000 offenses (5 photos per detection).

Ability to print directly onto a vehicle (optional printer).

Completamente integrato con la piattaforma TITAN®


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