RED is the approved system, all Italian, which detects steps through a red light automatically producing, a detailed and comprehensive digital documentation of infringements.
The device allows the detection of violations, the acquisition of images or video and the verification of the associated data. Such images, through specific information processing systems, ensure the reliably of the assessment carried out. The RED system is designed to ensure a minimal environmental impact, an important energy saving, a significant architectural impact reduction and an efficient and rigorous identification of the violations, in compliance with privacy regulations, through a flexible and economic management.

Red is a detection system of the step with red light.

RED consente:

The image capture of moments before, during and after the infringement and taking advantage of a clear vision of the dynamic.

The identification in the same frame - or in two side by side - either vehicle’s license plate in clear evidence as weel as the red traffic light lantern.

In accordance with current regulations and protection of citizens' privacy: the filming of the vehicles takes place from behind and is produced exclusively on the occasion of suspected violations

Identification of the violations committed, capturing images or video of vehicles step a red light such as unambiguous documentation of the infringement, through the integration with the proprietary platform TITAN®

The verification of associated data, providing the use of digitized images of the vehicle that has committed the infringement

The detection of the instant speed limit exceedances, either exclusively or in combination with traffic light control

Il Sistema ha le seguenti Caratteristiche

Fully digital: through a telematok connection allows officer to acquire directly the infringement photos.

Environmentally friendly: the detecting’ sensor are passive, not subject to maintenance and free of flash.

It works in any environment: even at night.

Extensive documentation: For Officer - a movie resumes throughout the whole dynamic, reporting both previous and subsequent events. For offenders - the offender download a PDF of a sequence of images (3 to 5 configurable by the Body) that shows the entire sequence of the infringement.

Undeniable: the system is installed only after an expertizing of the duration of the yellow light.

Observance of Legality: RED is an excellent tool for the control and the respect of road safety on traffic light intersections.

Transparency: Citizen web portal where downloading the offense and verify the placement of the equipment on the territory, the Approvals and the Expertise of the duration of the yellow.

Approved in accordance with Legislative Decree of April 30th 1992, it does not require the presence of the police authorities to immediately ascertain the violation.

Completamente integrato con la piattaforma TITAN®