ZTL EnVes is the only integrated system that allows you to manage temporary access for institutions, merchants and residents, as well as differentiated by vehicle class and EU Classification, in connection with Vehicle registration DataBase.

ZTL is an approved system for controlling access to Limited Traffic Zones based on automatic reading of vehicle’s license plates. The access gates control system acquires images of the vehicles in transit and transmits to the central control system an image with place, time, identification (license plate number) of non-authorized vehicles.

The system is designed to ensure minimal environmental impact, energy conservation, reduction on architectural impact, effectiveness and rigor in identifying violations, respecting privacy rules and a flexible and economic management.

ZTL (LTZ) is the control and management system for the entrances in limited access areas

ZTL consente:

Differentiated Access Management: temporary permits for operators and authorities. Residents Permits: through checks with residents DB; Euro classes Management: by connecting with DMV; Type Vehicle Management: with the ability to adjust the length of vehicle

The direct acquisition, through a telematick connection, of the infringement photo only by officer

Supply of pre-printed permits: Safety21 within the management service provides hard copy of the permission of access to LTZ areas

Compliance with the law: LTZ is a great tool for monitoring and compliance with the rules of access in areas with limited traffic

Respect for Privacy: managing of data and images perfectly in compliance with the Privacy guidelines.

Il Sistema ha le seguenti Caratteristiche

Integration with TITAN®: only images of the offending vehicles are sent to TITAN ® platform to establish the infringments.

Environmentally friendly: the sensors detecting the transits are passive, they are not subject to maintenance and equipment are free of flash devices.

It works in any environment: through an infrared light illuminator, harmless to the human eye.

Approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport following the requirements of the New Highway Code and its Implementing Regulations and following the specific rules provided for by Presidential Decree June 22, 1999, n. 250.

Completamente integrato con la piattaforma TITAN®